05 September 2011

Kiteblogging? Today I found another blog site. I felt that I had enough blogs already, and considering that I'm not much of a blogger I probably have more than the law allows.<br /> <br /> It's crazy to me how some people can constantly blog about something. Over time, I think I've found out why. Humans are social creatures; we need to communicate with each other. When we don't have the normal outlets to communicate our thoughts, we turn to new places.<br /> <br /> The more technology we have, the more isolated we have become from one another. Watch the kids walking down the street listening to their iPods. Drivers have that cell phone glued to their ear instead of paying attention to the road. They are tuned out to the world and tuned into music or that conversation that is so much more important.<br /> <br /> I admit that I have had to drive with the cell to my ear before, but honestly I prefer not to. For one it is unsafe, and for another it is illegal in many states. I prefer the hands-free technology if I need to have a conversation while driving and will use it whenever it is available to me.<br /> <br /> From personal experience, the internet was my communication tool. I had my games for gaming friends, my forums for special interests, and my websites. Gradually, I began participating in a few social networks to maintain connections with the huge network I had acquired. Then I was asked to maintain a blog. My first blog has been closed for a long time, however I started another to take its place where I didn't have a set timeline to make posts. After a few invitations to other blog sites and barely setting up a blog and initial posts, I was asked to create a blog as a work training assignment. Then I had two active blogs.<br /> <br /> I do not know yet what I will plan to do with this blog. It may just be a place to hang out and read the blogs of my friends or I may just turn it into a kiting adventure blog just for the fun of it. Oh wait, I need to obtain a kite here or retrieve my many kites from storage first.